Cadiville Restaurant
Few Words About Us

Why “Cadiville”?

When we’re debating on names, we wanted to incorporate our love for vintage Cadillacs and still honor the City where we’re located: Saukville. So we combined Cadi-llac and Sauk-ville and Cadiville was born. Cadiville is a casual bar and dining experience. Our interior and exterior décor is based on a 1956 Cadillac Fleetwood.

Our Building

The Wisconsin House was built in 1870 on this site and earliest records show a tavern was located on the premises. It burnt down in 1896 and the current building was rebuilt in 1897. The original foundation of the Wisconsin House survived the fire and was opened up for customer seating and is a prominent feature of the Cadivlle experience.

The Owners

The restaurant is owned and operated by Jeff and Tammy Schoen. Jeff and Tammy opened the bar and grill in 2024. This was their first adventure running a bar and grille.